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Today, October 9th, we won a small victory.

The Supreme Court has issued a Temporary Restraining Order against the Cybercrime Law. The vote among the SC justices was unanimous. A good sign that the Supreme Court does see something awry with this new law.

But this is just a minor win in the face of a bigger battle, to have the Cybercrime Law amended, if not repealed in favor of another one that does not trample on our basic human rights to free expression and speech. For this to happen we will have to face our biggest challenge, Malacanang itself.

Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has drawn that line in the sand as regards this law.

In an interview last week, he categorically said that he approves of the inclusion of the libel clause in the Cybercrime Law: "I do not agree that the provision on online libel should be removed. Whatever the format is, if it is libelous, then there should be some form of redress available to the victims."

He failed to grasp a very simple truth, a large part of the citizenry, his “bosses”, have raised their voices to protest a patently unfair and flawed law. But instead of listening to us and addressing our grievances, he has decided to dig in his heels and stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that the law tramples on certain inalienable rights.

It is ironic that our president has parents who have become symbols for the fight for freedom. But if the son cannot see the irony in this, then it is up to us, as informed citizens, to carry the torch and fight for what is right.

We oppose the Cybercrime Law as it is written. We uphold our rights to free speech and self-expression.

The fight continues.

(Concept/Image by: ~eclectickitty and Mags Sandoval)

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