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there! HiMedia Q3 is much much better that TX3/TX5...  it has good support.  and you'll have a great deal for discount pa.

bag this now before offer expires -- which you won't get from other sellers, anyway =))
HT Picture Gallery / Re: Elco's Listening Room Build
« Last post by delinsk on Today at 02:00 PM »

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yup. manual update mo n lang gamit usb.
Interconnects / Re: speaker wires
« Last post by at_sunset_blvd on Today at 12:39 PM »
hey guys. decided to just ask here instead of making a new thread.

my samsung home theater broke. this kind.

any idea where I can buy replacements locally

Do you need the speaker wires? or the unit (HTIB)? If you need the wires I may still have 1pair left & will look for it if you really need it badly?
Blu-ray Content / Re: Best Audio Engineered Movies
« Last post by Emorej2015 on Today at 11:30 AM »
would like to add earthquake 1974. luma na pero ayos na ayos
Setting Up / Re: Amp & Speaker matching...
« Last post by accastil on Today at 11:04 AM »
Absolutely. Actually better that way.
First 75 buyers pala yan.
From laguna marami bro. Where will u be coming from ba?
Setting Up / Re: Car head unit as Pre-amp
« Last post by edison on Today at 10:59 AM »
Back in 2010, i have a pioneer car stereo model;  6950 with HPF and LPF (for sub output with different cut off frequency, ganda kaya ng sub pag dito kumuha ng signal, ang lalim at ang ganda ng drive) then fed to a car power amplifier (made in japan, sa Pier nabili), I used a computer power supply 12v dc( a bit noisy). As they say, not as clean sounding as compared to a hi fi gear and messy to look at the wiring. Everytime I Plug and turn on the power, I always set the desired equalization , loudness, etc., Then after less than a year, I change my system to a home hifi gear bought also in Pier (Manila), made in japan amplifier. This is my short little story about using a car amp as pre amp..
Blu-ray Players / Re: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S
« Last post by leomarley on Today at 10:56 AM »
I doubt it would be times three of the price of the PS4. If that's the case, mas mahal pa sa build ko na i5 6600k/gtx1070 combo sa specs na ps4 lang? I can build a ps4 spec'd PC at the price of a ps4 or a little bit more.

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