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Television / Re: 2018-2019 NBA Season - Draft Day to Playoffs
« Last post by anya618 on Today at 10:55 AM »
maglalaro pala today si cousins against new orleans?
Pinoy Entertainment / Re: Kris Aquino
« Last post by istan on Today at 10:38 AM »
Telling someone that my family will have you killed is not normal, that's something else entirely on a different league. And it's a strong tell of what the Aquino's are behind what the media is showing us. :D

This is actually pervasive in Filipino culture. Watch some Pinoy movies, lalo na yun action movies.
"Papatayin kita, Hayup ka!" Mga ganun statement. Kaso lang etong si Kris may hatak, so that's the statement that she said.
NMTs / Re: Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (International Edition): FIRST IMPRESSIONS
« Last post by ehome on Today at 10:18 AM »
Can the mibox play mkv movies (1080p and 4k) via external hdd formatted in ntfs?
yes it should
Pinoy Entertainment / Re: Kris Aquino
« Last post by tony on Today at 09:54 AM »
if and when when she goes, we will know by then...
for now, speculate all you want.... >:D >:D >:D
^  RIP Astro Megamall.... :(
Just ignore chinese brands.
Flat Panels / Re: Heads up on good deals for televisions (all sizes)
« Last post by oznola on Today at 06:59 AM »
^yeah, a few guys here seemed to have missed that especially the major differences between the US and local models,209991.120.html

Television / Re: Future Man
« Last post by oznola on Today at 06:53 AM »
Season 2 is out. anyone watched it already?
Television / Re: Deadly Class
« Last post by anya618 on Today at 05:40 AM »
On Set - Never Card An Assassin:

Behind The Scenes - Henry Rollins:
Television / Re: Arrow
« Last post by anya618 on Today at 05:39 AM »
My Name Is Emiko Queen Extended Promo:
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