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Television / Re: 2018-2019 NBA Season - Draft Day to Playoffs
« Last post by Tha_Mann on Today at 10:14 AM »
KAT, T'Wolves agree to $190M contract extension. grabe na contract ngayon. laking panghihinayang siguro ng ex-gf nya hehe
Television / Re: 2018-2019 NBA Season - Draft Day to Playoffs
« Last post by edboy7 on Today at 09:53 AM »
Pwede!! Hehe sino kaya may magandang asawa o gf sa mga yan? Hehe

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Amplifier / Re: Soundbar Killers 2.1ch Amps
« Last post by jerix on Today at 08:58 AM »
Are you guys referring only to these 20k + soundbars in the market? How about these 5k units are they good?
Television / Re: Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix)
« Last post by Tha_Mann on Today at 07:22 AM »
agree, much better than season 1.  I am not that familiar with Iron fist, ganun ba talaga yun parang ang dali lang ma-transfer ang heart of the dragon?

Jessica Henwick is hot! medyo hawig si Danny Rand kay Oliver Queen hehe.
Flat Panels / Re: OLED TV
« Last post by t-bone on Yesterday at 10:05 PM »
Been using my C8 OLED for DOTA 2. Wala naman ako experience with Image Retention much more Burn In. Pero I don't game for long hours. Siguro 3hours max then I take a break (turn the tv off or watch a movie).

3 hours max gaming  is enough for Oled burn in.

One day you will wonder why there are stains on the screen.
Flat Panels / Re: OLED TV
« Last post by kapyogg1 on Yesterday at 09:54 PM »
Can you cite the 90% reference?

nag-assume lang ako Sir, kasi from, yung QLED is 10/10 yung rating nya na safe sa PERMANENT BURN-IN while OLEDS 1/10 lang so ayun po..
Amplifier / Re: ONKYO AVR
« Last post by shoktongxxx on Yesterday at 07:11 PM »
43k at whathifi Makati Cinema Square
uy! ang mura ha. Congrats chief! :)
General DVD Discussion / Sony BDP-BX58 Remote not working
« Last post by audio_slave on Yesterday at 06:21 PM »

Need help regarding my Sony BDP-BX58 remote is not working tried it using Sony site how to but still failed.

Flat Panels / Television ?
« Last post by akiraPrime on Yesterday at 12:18 AM »
anybody heard about this site?

encountered this site while browsing for tvs...
Flat Panels / Re: Installation for wall mounting 75” sony tv 7k+ Is it fair?
« Last post by ronjet on Sep 22, 2018 at 10:44 PM »
I would do the same. If you’re not confident to do it by yourself - with the help of somebody of course, I will have it installed by someone else. If we’re talking about a possible occurrence of a dead pixel by just wall hanging it, I’ll just removed it there and put it on its stand and place it elsewhere. Then call the service.
If you’re claiming warranty just by dead pixel, sobrang dami lang din nilang reason why it developed such thing. Same sakit ng ulo, abala whether they’re the one who does it or not. Madaming pwedeng maging lapses and loop hole when it comes sa consumer rights/law natin. So if I were you, if you can’t haggle down the installation fee, save your 7k. Just tell them, you’re not goint to wall mount it - mahal pala eh. And try to ask one more time from another branch, like what Moks007 said, if its true that they can install for 3,500. No harm in trying to ask... again.

But since you bought a 190k TV, yeah... what’s 7k to that? :) Enjoy and congratulations sir! :)
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