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Blu-ray Content / Re: BLACK FRIDAY SALE on
« Last post by jas on Today at 09:26 AM »
BLACK FRIDAY 2018 week starts tomorrow....
Flat Panels / Re: Sony 65in x8500e or 55in x9000e
« Last post by lithium_deuteride on Today at 09:24 AM »
Which store to buy a 65” HDR Sony?  Worth it ba to go for Oled?
I know local broadcasts and movies are displayed in 720p. Do you think they will move past this to say 1080p when 8K TVs become mainstream in the mid 2020s?
Flat Panels / Re: Heads up on good deals for televisions (all sizes)
« Last post by juneaki on Today at 06:05 AM »
Okay po kaya itong Avision 55K 55UA800 UHD smart TV na ito at just Php 21K? Linux yata OS at may built-in ISDTB na rin. Anybody has bought this? Kindly post your review please.
NMTs / Re: Nvidia shield console
« Last post by ♡ lvcdg23™ ✌ on Today at 02:31 AM »
whats the other app for HDD movies  beside KODi? thanks

I'm using VLC to play my files. It can also do 4K HDR and bitstream lossless audio
Sang mall makakabili nito?

Try Mi Stores in Trinoma and SM Megamall.
Pinoy Entertainment / Re: Filipino films
« Last post by Klaus Weasley on Today at 12:19 AM »
Kung Paano Siya Nawala (Joel Ruiz) ***1/2 - A young man with face blindness meets and falls in love with a young woman with a troubled past. I can't believe face blindness isn't used in movies more often. So many possibilities. Oh, well. I have to say the concept has so many potential pitfalls but this film very wisely avoids most of them. It doesn't dwell too much on its quirky premise for comedy or even easy tears but instead uses it to mine some thoughtful, substantive themes which gives this romantic drama more depth and resonance. Romance is a favorite genre in mainstream Filipino movies. This one stands out and deserves your attention.
NMTs / Re: Hi-Media Q-Series Support, Tips & Tricks
« Last post by popejerico on Yesterday at 11:59 PM »
Getting random black screen when playing 4K HDR movies. Black screen with audio. My work around is shutting the TV and avr then turning it on again. Any thoughts?
NMTs / Re: Nvidia shield console
« Last post by mhacman on Yesterday at 11:33 PM »
whats the other app for HDD movies  beside KODi? thanks

SPMC, sir... more customizable than Kodi
Television / Re: 2018-2019 NBA Season - Draft Day to Playoffs
« Last post by JeromeA on Yesterday at 11:02 PM »
 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0
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