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they are saying that the upcoming XBox One X is a very expensive console, but if you're looking to build an HTPC, I think that the XBox One X is a good alternative ... you get the 4K HDR video, ATMOS (and other mainstream audio standard), UHD BD player - which I think are the main features that most HTPC builders are looking for ... it's cheap compared to a decent spec HTPC, and you have the gaming console capability and other features of XBox ... looking at the specs posted by Sir GI Joe, I think that the XBox One X ticks all his requirements, and this is priced for less than 30k

It is great value indeed based on the included hardware and out of the box capability. An HTPC's main advantage over it is flexibility to do other things and expandability.

Fortunately more games are now available between Xbox One and PC, so having both is even better.
Boss ano ba ang mga mobo na available sa market na pde na hdr and uhd?

Look for something that has thunderbolt on-board. Chances are, it offers HDMI 2.0b and HDCP 2.2 built-in.

Example: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac

Here's a list:
^Kamukha na sya ni Yassi Pressman bro.
beg to disagree sir ang ganda ni yassi eh

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Natural naman ata ung kay yassi...
Eto bro...

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salamat bro, lazada ba yan?
Pinoy Entertainment / Re: 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival
« Last post by traveler69 on Yesterday at 09:22 PM »

Mike De Leon with Citizen Jake's lead actor, Atom Araullo

One of the most anticipated Filipino films this year is Citizen Jake. It is currently in the works under the direction of Mike De Leon. Fans of De Leon expect that this film will be selected for inclusion in the forthcoming 2017 Metro Manila Film Festival. Citizen Jake is De Leon's comeback project after 18 years of "hibernation" from the movie industry.

Four (4) films were already selected for the current MMFF based on submitted scripts. However, Citizen Jake's script wasn't submitted to the selection committee.

Citizen Jake lead star Atom Araullo, who co-wrote the script, reveals: “Hindi talaga nag-submit ng script because I think ang pananaw ng director namin and also the producer that if it’s going to be a film festival, the submission should be a finished film and not just the script. That’s why the team decided not to submit the script. He’d rather submit the finished film. 'Yun lang naman 'yun. We didn’t join the first round of selection.”

De Leon, who directed the well-loved Filipino film classics such as Itim, Batch '81, Kisapmata and Kung Mangarap Ka't Magising, among others, says that Citizen Jake will probably be his last film.

“I have a real journalist playing a fictional journalist in an investigative crime story with political overtones,” De Leon says of his film.

Sounds interesting.
Congrats, very nice speaker

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Thank you.

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Television / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by Emorej2015 on Yesterday at 08:55 PM »
Mukhang legit, pinanood ko ulit. Ano kaya ibig sabihin nun?   ???

Edit: Baka naman talsik nga lang ng tubig or reflection ng kamay ni Jon Snow? ;D

reflection lang.
Amplifier / Re: Sakura a200
« Last post by jerix on Yesterday at 07:54 PM »
Thanks for the short review Kuya! but for its sound quality will you say that it is a step up? What kind of music will this be good? thanks again.
General HD Discussion / Re: Most Recently Viewed Blu-Ray/HD DVD
« Last post by edwn1220 on Yesterday at 06:28 PM »
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