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« on: Dec 16, 2014 at 03:55 AM »
I've noted that there is still no thread dedicated to Lazada here on online shopping, hence I'm starting this one.  If it's a duplicate, request ko na lang ang mods to consolidate the thread.

I've been relying on Lazada for quite a while now.  Everytime I need to buy something and the shop is quite far from my place, I would first check at Lazada, and most of the time meron sila ng item na kailangan ko ... lots of time cheaper and free delivery pa ... also good if you do not have credit cards because they can deliver COD.

Just an example, I need to buy a couple of surge protectors.  I saw an item sold at MP for PhP 550, becomes PhP 650 pag pina-deliver ... sa Lazada PhP 540 lang, free delivery pa.  I probably have 10 transactions with them for the last 6 months, tipid na sa gasolina convenient pa :)

One more thing is that they usually have lots of promos and discounts which makes shopping more convenient and more savings.  By the way, I'm not in any way connected to Lazada, just sharing my positive experience which could also benefit those that have not tried them yet.
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Re: Lazada
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