Author Topic: Fanless Dedicated Music Player PC Build using locally available components  (Read 1179 times)

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Just sharing... hope this will help other members ^-^

Already pulled the trigger on Streamer and HDPPLEX but my CC was no good to them for whatever reasons...

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i decided to search the net for locally available components & found the ff:

Case - e-Netdata Industrial Mini Case with PSU 2 SATA[/color]]

for details[/color]]

Motherboard - Asrock QC5000M-ITX/PH Motherboard
for details

RAM      - 4gb*2 DDR3
Storage - Sandisk SSD 120gb

Planning to use Daphile as the OS [headless], as of now i installed Windows 7 64bit Home Edition to monitor the temperature and if it have enough power to play DSD files.

Current set-up:
PC>SMSL M8 DAC on P1 LPS>SMSL SA-36a Pro>Speakers
Software - Foobar, remote controlled on cell phone

In my AC less listening room, the CPU temperature is around 50deg C, playing SACD ISO & DSD files at native bitrate & depth - CPU usage is around 33 percent. I don't plan to up-sample so IMO this build will do.

I'm glad my CCs no good ;D


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