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Author Topic: Need help: wrong item shipped, bought from Amazon sent via Johnny Air to Manila  (Read 202 times)

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Short story: Ordered thru Amazon third party seller. Parcel consigned to JAC NY then to MLA. Got it but as I opened, found out that it is not the same item/model that I ordered. Brand was the same but they sent me the cheaper model (less USD200).

I emailed the third party seller thru Amazon awaiting their response.

Now what are my options? Item shipped is cheaper by USD200 from what is ordered from them.

1. return the item and get full refund? who will shoulder the expenses back to NY third party?
2. refund the difference of USD200 plus tax and misc cost?
3. wait for the correct item to be shipped again before returning the wrong item back to NY.

Im sure nangyari na ito sa iba, baka maka suggest ano ginawa niyo.

What can be done?

Thanks in advance sa mga advice.

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depends on how badly you need the item. either way shipping cost back to the us you will have to shoulder. I don't think JAC will transact these returns for you but you may ask them. I had such experience but It was not shipped through JAC. wrong item sent. It was a good thing that my cousin who brought the item here was just on vacation. Amazon gave me 60 days to return the item. So when she went back to the US she returned the item to amazon and was sent the correct item with a $15 rebate. I just had it shipped back via balikbayan box na  together with my other items.
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FedEx ata ang madalas gamit ng Amazon. Pero sa eBay, di ko sure. Titor is right. You will shoulder talaga the shipping cost. Kung sa Amazon yan and Amazon product, baka ma-libre pa ang shipping.

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The simplest is to write it off and ask for a full refund. Next best is a partial refund. Sell the item here. Lugi ka if item is to be shipped back. Kahit regular air mail, mahal yun. JAC has nothing to do with your transaction. To use them for shipping back is to pay them.
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sending it back is not a good option. the other 2 is better.
Before had the same issue but it is under amazon. Palm Pilot. Explained to amazon that i am now in the Philippines. And they just refunded me and told me to keep the item.
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