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Title: Netflix: Peaky Blinders
Post by: Waxx on Nov 19, 2018 at 11:01 AM
Peaky Blinders is a gangster family epic set in Birmingham, England in 1919, several months after the end of the First World War in November 1918. The story centers on the Peaky Blinders gang and their ambitious and highly cunning boss Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy). The gang comes to the attention of Chief Inspector Major Chester Campbell (played by Sam Neill), a detective in the Royal Irish Constabulary sent over by Winston Churchill from Belfast, where he had been sent to "clean up" the city of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), Communists, gangs and common criminals.[9][10] Winston Churchill (played by Andy Nyman in Series 1 and Richard McCabe in Series 2) charged him with suppressing disorder and uprising in Birmingham and recovering a stolen cache of arms meant to be shipped to Libya.[11][12][13] The series concludes on 3 December 1919 – "Black Star Day", the event where the Peaky Blinders plan to take over Billy Kimber's betting pitches at the Worcester Races.

The second series sees the Shelby family expand their criminal organisation in the "South and North while maintaining a stronghold in their Birmingham heartland."[14] It begins in 1921 and ends with a climax at Epsom racecourse on 31 May 1922 – Derby Day .[15]

Series three starts and ends in 1924 as it follows Tommy and his family enter an even more dangerous world as they once again expand, this time, internationally. Internet-based film and TV news company Screen Rant said:

“   The season revolves around the notion of social classes and empires, and how they rise and fall with a startling sort of predictability. As the show suggests, over time, empires become too big, too corrupt, and too complicated to sustain themselves and eventually, they collapse. …[T]he season expresses its fears of expansion by teaching Tommy a powerful lesson about the other sharks skulking around in criminal waters – especially when those criminals are the ones involved in governmental plots with massive geopolitical implications. Essentially, Peaky Blinders embarked on a fish out of water story by moving outside its own comfort zone and taking the risk of expanding too much and too quickly. There are times when that risk appears to have paid off[.][16]   ”
Series Three also features Paddy Considine as Father John Hughes; Alexander Siddig as Ruben Oliver, a painter whom Polly enlists to paint her portrait; Gaite Jansen as Russian Grand Duchess Tatiana Petrovna; and Kate Phillips as Linda Shelby, wife of Arthur.

Series Four begins on Christmas Eve 1925 and ends following the general strike of May 1926.
Title: Re: Netflix: Peaky Blinders
Post by: Waxx on Nov 19, 2018 at 11:04 AM
seeing scarecrow and bane in one screen with scarecrow flipping the coin (ala two face) gave me chuckles....
Title: Re: Netflix: Peaky Blinders
Post by: Waxx on Nov 19, 2018 at 11:06 AM
ganda ng show na to. im not a fan of old period shows, pero this one is interesting... it has ganster mafia vibes set in early industrial revolution england.  one of the tv shows i highly recommend. 
Title: Re: Netflix: Peaky Blinders
Post by: Verbl Kint on Oct 08, 2020 at 05:57 PM
Just caught this late.  I would say this is definitely one of the best Netflix series out there.  Just started season 4 and it definitely started strong!
Title: Re: Netflix: Peaky Blinders
Post by: jas on Jan 19, 2021 at 08:16 AM
‘Peaky Blinders’ to End After Sixth and Final Season

Hit BBC drama “Peaky Blinders” will end after its sixth and final season, but creator and writer Steven Knight has promised the story will “continue in another form.”