Author Topic: Help! Transformer gets spoiled when used by LG BD390 Bluray player  (Read 4470 times)

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Dear All,

I just want to ask for assistance on my situation.  Here it goes...

I bought my LG Bluray BD390 sa US and had it shipped here in Singapore, as to my excitement I used it immediately without knowing the voltage 110V, the thing is I have used the player and was able to almost finished a movie before it explodes... :-( lots of smoke went out from the player, then i just realized that i have plugged the unit to 220V.  Henc, I knew it was the power supply which exploded.

Then I searched for repairs, then luckily found one.  He went to our house to check it out and quoted me for repairs, after 5-6 days, He delivered the player and surprisingly it has been repaired (Thank God).  I ran stress test using it for almost 4 BD movies already using a transformer which converts 220V to 110V and nothing happens.  I've been using this one for several days already, without unplugging the transformer.  However, i have unplugged once the transformer and when the time I will be using it again, our house current Tripped thus black out...I wonder why? Then I noticed my transformer smells burned...I bought a new transformer and use the BD player again, and to my surprise it is working fine.  Then, after several days, it tripped again and the culprit is again the transformer.  Can anybody explain why it is happening?
I checked the wattage of the player and it is only 20W while I am using 50W and 100W for the two transformers I've used.  I wonder why is the transformer always get's spoiled. 

Hope someone can assist me on this...My apology for the long story but i just want to explain so you could understand the situation. Thanks