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As first reported by moks007,

Studio World had released the Asian (?) version of the Bluray of The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy.  At Php4950, it's a bit expensive but for those who can't wait, it's available at select Astrovision outlets.

From what I gathered, the set comes in a sturdy box.  All 15-discs.  The three movies are split into two Bluray each (total six discs), the other nine discs are the special features.  These nine discs are DVDs (not blurays) and from reviews online are rehashes of the special features discs from the original LOTR Extended Edition DVD boxset from December 2004.

AFAIK, the one released locally does not include Digital Copies of the film.

Review from The Digital Bits here:


AVSForum review:


me sticker kaya ito ng phil videogram sa likod?

 Yes kinda expensive imo, unlike the Alien set before  ;D Amazon have it now for 69.99. I was gonna buy it sana yesterday but the price difference recently versus amazon is just too much.

Lip wala kang expected arrival LOTR EE?


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