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anybody have tried this? shipping rates are reasonable

interested din ako dito. compared to jac which is better?

been using the service for over a year now, pretty reliable and service is efficient. it uses sea freight so your stuff will be with you after 3-5 weeks. their balikbayan boxes are price at $30-70. irregular shape stuff that wont fir their boxes they will charge more. for electronic items they charge some tax depending on the price you paid for the item. but usually $20 for anything between $200-$500.

the company is owned by forex cargo, one of the bigger cargo handlers doing westcoast to philippines balikbayan boxes delivery.

and your items are shipped door to door.  :)

Learned about them from Iiinas.  ;D

Used them several times na. Very reliable. If you are shipping a big item, better to use them. For small items that you want fast, use JAC.

iipunin ba yung ordered items for you?  until such time that ipapasara na yung box?  :)


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