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Update ko lang complain ko sa pobox, they replied but wash their hands on my complaint, informed me to file complaint to forex not them kasi they are "only a consolidating company" :(  what a bummer


not sure if you're aware of this (see below.) incidents like this were rare in the past but it's become more rampant as of late, hence the current policy...

--- Quote from: Furry on Sep 21, 2012 at 09:40 PM ---Guys.. sharing the new insurance policy update from POBOX for everyone's awareness:

Important Announcement - Extra Insurance for Lost Items

To All Our Valued Members:

There have been a few incidents of lost items due to the random inspection
of our boxes by the U.S. Customs. They take out the items inside the boxes
and then pack it again thus also ruining the way we carefully pack the
items. They do this to boxes of cargo forwarders to the Philippines. Around
30% of our boxes are subject to these random inspections. Examples of items
that are lost are relatively 'small' items such as shades, watches, small
gadgets and the like. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, the insurance
of the courier, Forex Cargo, only covers 'loss' of the whole box and not
the 'loss' of items inside the box. However, POBox has tried to compensate
for the 'Loss' of these items as an act of service and commitment to our
clients. Moving Forward, Forex and POBox may not be able to cover ALL
losses anymore. In lieu of these circumstances, we decide to offer Extra
Insurance coverage for such instances. The ff. are the details for this
Extra Insurance:

1. Extra Insurance coverage offered is for up to $100 and $200 only. The
additional cost for the insurance is $5 and $10 respectively.
2. Extra Insurance coverage is only for 'Loss' of items due to Random
Inspection by the U.S. Customs.
3. Extra Insurance coverage is in additional to coverage of Forex Cargo.
Claims should be first made to Forex and the Extra Insurance will cover
balances that were not claimed through Forex if the claim was deemed valid.
4. When shipping a box, POBox will ask all if they want to avail of the
Extra Insurance. The fee for the Extra Insurance should be paid with the
shipment fee of the box.

Since the maximum coverage we offer is only $200, we advise everyone to
refrain from shipping expensive, valuable and 'small' items for now while
the situation with the U.S. Customs remains uncertain. This extra insurance
will be offered starting on the September 19 shipment batch.

Kindly let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this.

Thank you very much!

POBox Team
--- End quote ---

Used their service for the first time. Waited for 5 weeks. Overall, experience was ok. They allow payment via paypal. Other notes/observations:

- Since they're using sea freight, the tracking via the forexworld site is practically useless once the item status changes to "Vessel Departed". It will remain that way for a number of weeks while your package is traveling across continents via sea
- When the tracking status changes to "Delivered", that doesn't mean the item has been delivered to your home. It simply means that from the warehouse, the package has now been delivered to pobox office, for dispatch to a 3rd party courier for the door-to-door delivery part of the process
- Package was received in its original box from the seller. It was not repackaged into their own box (though my items came only in 1 box and purchased from 1 single seller

Will I use them again? Probably not. The items just take too long to get here. Maybe I got spoiled by comgateway in Singapore where I get my items in less than a week and the shipping rates are fairly reasonable. I think I'll try JAC next time.

has anyone shipped vinyl LPs via pobox.ph?

did the vinyls arrive without damage ?

which box type should i use if i intend to ship 10 to 20 LPs ?

Important Reminder: Only 1 Warehouse Address for ALL Shipments

Have ALL your packages delivered to:

Attn: "Your Name"
1102 Arroyo St
Unit B
San Fernando, CA 91340
Tel. 310-8037035

This is applicable for both straight shipments and consolidation. For
special shipping of over-sized and over-weight packages, kindly contact us
first since we might need to arrange for a special delivery address.

Thank you very much!

Pobox Team


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