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Recommended Concert Blu Rays?

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What Concert Blu Rays have u viewed that you will highly recommend?

Post up! :) ;D

Verbl Kint:
My favorites:

* Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds: Live at Radio City Music Hall (Dolby TrueHD!)
* Foo Fighters Live at Wembley (lossless)
* The Police Certifiable: Live in Buenos Aires (very hard to find, let me know if you find one! :))
* Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace & Music Director's Cut (40th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition, Dolby TrueHD)

IF YOU MEAN by image resolution alone, the best of the best Blu Ray concerts I could cite to you would be: BARRY MANILOW LIVE (originally a year 2000 concert but film stock is so superb in both its DVD and HD-DVD incarnations, and now a reference disk on its BD edition), QUINCY JONES MONTREUX (this concert could've taken place in Switzerland in 2010, overly long with a smattering of blues-oriented acts that could put you to sleep like Petula Clark and Al Jarreau, but the picture is reference-quality; if another edition surpasses its image then the whole film by all means is remastered in 4K high definition; if you pine for the whole Quincy Jones discography this BD concert covers all four decades - including Ai No Corrida and The Dude from the 1981 hit album).
Also, PAT METHENY (a concert over Metheny and Lyle Mays' last album with the trademark Metheny jazz sound, both its DVD, HD-DVD and BD incarnations are superb but critics says the BD is the reference grade), TAKE THAT THE CIRCUS LIVE (Take That is the original boy band from Britain, during their heyday they were marketed in a bizaare fashion as a "gay-oriented" group - yet in this BD which is their third, after reuniting - there's no hint of such gay flavour because the band's audience were 99% female. This BD is a good calibration material if you want to determine your set's Contrast and Tint & Hues through the pervasive footages of female flesh, literally. That means your visual fine-tuning is right on because Take That's female fans has the right Caucasian skin).

Also RETURN TO FOREVER MONTREUX, a reunion concert by jazz stalwarts like Chick Correa and Al DiMeola. For me its esoteric jazz, not radio-friendly, with only three accessible songs from the entire set. But the picture is sumptuous. A showcase for Blu Ray capturing the most minute details in a semi-darkened stage set. JEFF BECK ROCK & ROLL PARTY - another BD with a sumptuous, gorgeous picture thats also good for calibrating your player's User setting and your TV's Picture template - through the lead singer's (the gorgeous-looking Irish singer named Imelda Mays) Caucasian skin tones. Thats it, if you wanted more recommendations, I could cite even more. And you'll eventually like the music....

Thanks Verbi and Alice,

Would you guys know where these titles are available?

FRANCIS, are you trying to collect Concert BDs? If you come to think of it, music BDs are the best collectables because their inherent interestingness doesn't dampened or dissipate easily. With movies you come to spend P1,500 or more for every title pero pagsasawaan mo na yan after three or five viewings. Wala nang repeat viewing value. You spend that much for entertainment thats meant to be disposable (unless Ben Hur yan, o Ten Commandments, o Wizard Of Oz or Sound Of Music - all of which are remastered in the ultra-high 4K process). But with concerts mai-enjoy mo siya even for years because as long as you wanted to hear the music once more, you'll come to return to the BD, like you do with a favorite CD. To look for the titles I cited to you, try to scour for them from AMAZON.UK - not Amazon US but U.K. The British Amazon is inexplicably cheaper with a more humane mailing charge.

Idagdag ko pa: MICHAEL MCDONALD THIS CHRISTMAS - an obscure BD featuring Christmas tunes sung by that soulful voice thats nonpareil, nothing else like it - the Michael McDonald vibrato vocals. Former lead of The Doobie Brothers and enjoying renaissance after renaissance of hit Motown revival albums, Mcdonald's BD is crisp, gorgeously staged and contains the right mix of Christmas tunes plus his pop hits (What A Fool Believes, etc.).

Also, THE POLICE LIVE IN BUENOS AIRES - an exquisite concert BD thats very suitable showing for the bigger screen TV displays. Sting is certifiably the boring, humdrum element of this concert; indulgent and apparently just going through the motions by now because his musical career has never plateau'd. But the amazing aspect of this concert is the Police's guitarist Andy Sommers. Andy, who is 10 years older than both Sting and the drummer, lent the barebones concert a sonic texture thats hard to believe is achieved only by his guitar. I tried to find a hidden keyboard or synthesizer player - the 4th man onstage - but there's nobody there, only the three. Hence, this concert is carried ably by the guitar masterwork of Andy the guitarist, minus the ambient help of a synthesizer or keyboard which could've made it as a New Wave reunion act at the same time.

Take also KATHERINE JENKINS THE O2 ARENA  - if you care for the mellower stuff, or operatic-tinged ballads. Jenkins alone on Blu Ray is already worth the price of admission.


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