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Why I buy my Region-Free Blu-ray Discs from Amazon.co.uk

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Mr. Hankey:
This is my latest Amazon-UK purchase that I just picked up from the post office today:

Total cost of discs including shipping: GBP 35.72 = PHP 2346.14

Add the PHP 40 Post Office Handling Fee: 2346.14 + 40 = PHP 2386.14


So I got 9 movies on Blu-ray from Amazon.co.uk for less than the price of The Amazing Spider-Man on 3D Blu-ray from local stores (PHP 2500).

Just a quick reminder to everyone that as long as you're not in a rush and aren't doing impulse purchases, this is one of many cheaper options available to you in the internet age.  ;)

very nice sir. I ordered 4 box sets. Matrix, American Pie, Bourne and Jurassic. However, I had it shipped to the US johnny air pa.

40.20 GBP total. Of course i'll have to anticipate the additional shipping from JAC to the Philippines. pero even with that added, it's still way cheaper than buying anything locally.

but i'm interested in your direct shipping method. what address do you put in there? the post office nearest to you? I might consider that if that's actually cheaper than going through JAC pa.

additional question Kapitan., How much did Amazon UK charged for shipping to Ph? I reckon Post Office Handling fee isn't a fix amount but it just depends on the postman..

Nice! And that's as long as your purchase is GBP 50 or less, right?

Just now, I tried ordering for X-Men Quad, GBP 12.49 and Lethal Weapon Quad GBP 15.39.. What I don't understand is, those 2 items had a total of GBP 23.24 only and they charged an additional GBP 5.07 for postage and handling.
Total cost: GBP 28.31... Or~ Php 1900..
much cheaper compared to US..


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