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OLD DVD PLAYER, OLD DVDS, some questions
« on: Jul 15, 2005 at 03:51 AM »
i bought my pioneer dvd player on oct 31, 1999 in an appliance store at shangrila shaw. it was region 3 but the owner said he converted it to play dvds belonging to all regions. he was right.

makapal pa yung case ng player, unlike those we see now that are thin. i guess my player measures about 2 to 3 inches thick. it looks funny especially when i see newer models of dvd players. but i guess im lucky. it hasnt given me any problems...not yet. i hope it wont. i havent cleaned it whatsover. it's turning 6 years old this year. do i have to clean it now?

nadala kasi ako sa aiwa cd player ko. nasira because i used that cd cleaner with brush. probably because of that liquid that u were supposed to use when using the cd brush.

i sold a lot of my old dvds but the ones i kept date back early 2000. i havent checked if they have dvd rot. hopefully not. i keep them in a wooden shelf with sliding glass. im just worried about the dust. do i really have to arrange them vertically?

nakakainis lang when a sealed dvd has some scratches when u open them. my worst experience happened last month. i asked my friend from singapore to buy me the ULTIMATE KYLIE dvd. when i opened it, there's some sticky mark on the readable side of the disc. para bang may nadikit na tape tapos tinanggal. i wiped it with a 3M lens cleaning cloth pero kumalat. the dvd plays ok but im worried. what should i do? what's the best way to clean discs to get rid of some marks and scratches?

tnx for reading. hope someone helps.
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