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R.I.P. Astrovision V-Mall (October 1, 2017)

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Mr. Hankey:
My friend passed by V-Mall this morning and Astrovision V-Mall was closed already. Papered up, stocks being removed from the shelves.

I'm sad. This has been around since I was in high school/college! They used to be on the third floor of Virra Mall, and I would buy Beta and VHS format tapes from them. And rent LaserDiscs. I spent HOURS in that shop! Their initial sales staff were the ones who ended up as managers in their branches that subsequently opened in other malls. Almost all of them knew me by my name, or at least by face.

This was also the very last physical store that sells DVDs that I still visited, albeit less and less frequently. But I'd surely do even just a quick stop every time I'd make it to the area. If not to buy a DVD or even some peripherals, then to chat with Violy and catch up about life. I even brought my little girl there to introduce her to a store that meant a lot to me when I was still single.

I'm sad I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to Violy and the rest of the staff. This is really the end of an era.

Thank you for the decades of sales and entertainment! You will be missed.

#ripdvds #ripastrovision

Maybe they just moved to a smaller location? Sales not as good anymore due to the era of digital downloads. Plus the blus they sell locally are far more costly than imported from US. Kumikita nlng sila sa audio video accessories. Wala ng bumibili ng dvds. Although i have to admit mas nagtatagal un mga locally bought dvds and blus ko kht 10years na than imported ones. Madami nkong region 1and As na nagrot na... Dont know why..  Other stores like in RP manila lilipat lng dw sila sa mas maliit... Pati un sa Moa, lumipat sila sa cyberzone in a smaller stall

Even the one in Trinoma had already closed down for some time now.

Darn, first place i always visit when i go to virramall, even if i don't buy anything.

I'm so sad, sayang.

Ya maybe they just moved to a smaller place.

The one at Robinsons Manila has also closed. And I think the one at MOA as well. The one at Glorietta is still open.


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