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Cyrus 5...a mini review
« on: Jul 11, 2018 at 10:57 PM »
     One boring day, I felt the urge to tinker with the Cyrus 5 Amp I have bought but haven't set-up, yet. Hooked it up with some cheap Polk TSI 200 speakers...SMSL 8 DAC...Xidoo X9s....and also found  some high res audio file (bought from Sir Superman).  I was not really, expecting spectacular results...but lo and behold! I have not heard the Polks sing like this before. The mids were something to behold...the bass go deep as the TSI 200 would allow...and the highs sparkle (but a bit harsh in some poor recordings). I have not heard Metallica's Enter Sandman with great slam before with any of my other cheap amps (Luxman...Nad...Onkyo..Pioneer...Adcom). Vocals are sweet and refined. The texture and layering of instruments are well-defined. The sound stage was also good. Initially, I thought something was wrong with the system because there was some sort of echo. Googled the possible causes of the echo...maybe from the DAC...from the media player...but haven't found any. Only to find out that it was the TV where I hooked the Zidoo was making the echo ^-^  ;D ( I needed the TV as my monitor for the audio file, etc.)  I think the synergy of the 3 (Cyrus...SMSL....and Zidoo) is simply great. I have some Audio Nirvana Classic 10 which I plan to hook with the system soon (was supposed to hook this to a Sweet Peach tube amp I recently bought. Bad trip lang kasi AP cargo damaged the folded horn speaker cabinets from Anthony Audio...ang mas bad trip they took the speaker cabinets and reimbursed only the freight cost. Zidoo X9s is also a bang for the buck media far no complaints with video and audio outputs. SMSL 8 DAC is also very good for the price I needed the SMSL since the Cyrus doe not have any digital inputs. So my set up is...Zidoo x9s--optical cable---SMSL---Cyrus. I could say with confidence that not all cheap set ups sound mediocre at best.

Will try to upload some photos and videos soon and also do a mini review of the cheap Sweet Peach tube amp once I could hook it to some tube-friendly speakers. (Kung maiinis ako, benta ko na lang ang AN classic 10 drivers and buy some not so high end decent speakers  ;D)
 Thanks for reading.
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