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Samsung to stop making Blu-ray players


Samsung says it won't produce any new 1080p or 4K Blu-ray players for the US market.

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First, they quit the laptop market. What's next?

possible decline in hard media format sales are affecting the sales of players as well. Online content seems to be more preferred nowadays

Matigas ang ulo kasi ni Samsung >:D
Another reason Samsung is losing business is their refusal to adapt Dolby Vision for their 4K players and TVs as well; they even introduced their own HDR10+  and still they are losing to competition (Sony, LG and Panasonic). Only a handful of streaming and physical media companies supported their proprietary video image enhancing format.

Very little money to be made in electronics these days.  Many have quit altogether.  :(

Oppo also left Blu-ray players behind.

Streaming has come to dominate Americans’ viewing habits, especially in high-income households that would be enticed by expensive 4K HDR Blu-ray players. Physical media sales have been declining at double-digit percentage rates for a few years running. Even within those sales, 4K Blu-rays account for only 5.3 percent of sales compared to the aging DVD format, which still sits at 57.9 percent, according to Forbes.

Market research firm NPD Group suggests Samsung currently has the largest chunk of the dedicated Blu-ray player market at 37% followed by Sony (31%) and LG (13%). For them to be effectively abandoning that market isn’t a good sign, not helped either by niche brand Oppo getting out of the market as well a year ago.


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