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Ice Storm:
The package weight is 30lb with dimension of 41x21x8. Ideally sea freight.

You stated the TV dimensions/weight but what is your question?

If Ice Storm is asking for shipping cost of TV from the US, I had a quote before for a 65 in tv with a door to door shipping price of USD400.00 all in. My friend who has a forwarding business based in San Francisco also told me that they usually charge USD21.00 per cuft of the box. One month surface shipping time. Hope this help.

I'm planning to buy an LG OLED C9 55" too and it has these dimensions:

53" x 31.9" x 8.1"

Any idea how much it would cost via sea freight?

when I asked before with myshoppingbox for a 55 it's around 300+ dollars. take note that it will not have warranty here.


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