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JBL Link 20 charging information

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I recently bought a JBL Link 20 US version.  Is it safe to plug in the unit for charging in 220v?  The manual does not indicate if it is auto volt and i can't find information in the net about it.   The only information the manual provide is - Battery Charge  time: 4.5 hours @ 5V 2.3A.  Do I need a step down transformer to safely charge this thing?

Check input voltage of the wall charger

Is it using a micro usb port or type c port?  If yes then almost any usb charger will work

I will be using the JBL Link 20 charger which has a micro usb port.  Do i need a step down transformer to safely charge this thing or can I directly plug it on 220v?

Email mo US customer support

If may kasama charger, nakalagay naman sa charger input and output voltage. Usually chargers are autovolt, unless for Japan use only, which might be single voltage only. Mas efficient kasi sa manufacturing isang charger lang for supply worldwide. Yung plug type lang ang interchangeable.


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