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hi, can someone also post the other R1 Dvd stores in Metro Manila, I was looking for this Cardinal Audio in Greenhills and I've searched the whole 2nd floor 3 times and still haven't seen a dust from it...anybody know on what street Cardinal audio is?

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Dog from OuTeR Space, what time did you go there?  I think Cardinal Audio opens at 1PM daily so the shop is pretty easy to miss on mornings since their sign isn't lit yet.

It's on Virra Mall.  Coming from the stairs near Baker's Fair and DEC, it's on the first aisle to your left (if you're facing the fish pond).

HTH. :)

Dr. Lecter:
Just an update on Astro Addresses. Sta. Lucia Branch have already folded up months ago.

Uh...is Cardinal Audio still open? I combed Virra Mall's second floor twice but I can't find it.


its still open. you can't find it if your looking for a
shop that has HT equipments displayed on its window.
because the shop has CD-Rs displayed on its window.
it is along the brochure aisle.

hope you find it next time...

There's one store in Mega Mall near Astrovision named Audio Mixx (hope I got the name right) that sell R1 DVDs.It's almost the same price as Cardinal, P1,500 -P1,900 average.Last week I saw Silence of the Lambs French version.Also Sopranos season 2 set.looks promising.They have many more titles and some concerts.Even Bjork. Anyway its the store that sells DJ stuff and records.

Elf 8)


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