Author Topic: TCL 55C725: Problematic Dolby Vision via HDMI and Bluetooth  (Read 480 times)

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Hello. Just wanted to check if anyone had a similar problem and more importantly, a fix. I bought my TCL 55C725 in Oct 2021 and since then, it has been nothing but trouble (though the brightness, contrast and blacks are very good for the price). The processor is too slow so the entire TV hangs up all the time - even volume control does not respond at times. This issue only became tolerable when I uninstalled some nice to have apps and disabled all auto network checks/updates. However, two key problems persist.

1. I have an Nvidia Shield TV that when set to output Dolby Vision, whether its 24p or 60p, does not work on the TV. What appears is only a black screen while the audio plays with no problems. This is true for Netflix and local  DV media files. I have tested several HDMI 2.1 cables already, including one that is officially certified by the HDMI association, but still nothing. I tested the combination of the shield and cable to another DV capable TV, and it works. In the Shield+TCL setup, the shield is directly connected to the TCL TV and does not go thru an AVR.

2. The bluetooth is not usable. While I can connect the TV to my headphones/earbuds, the connection is very flaky and always has a delay which cannot be fixed by adjusting the audio sync. For context, playing the exact same file using my phone, another TV or thru the Nvidia Shield using the same headset does not result to the same problem.

Any workaround from the group? Will it be possible to install a firmware from lets say Europe/Australia? I also check the firmware update every day but nothing since the purchase and so while I love the picture quality that I get for the price, the user experience has been a major letdown (I hope this does not offend any TCL fans here, its just that my experience has been very bad).